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Ukrainian Exodus - From Slovakia to Romania

Vienna, Austria Current Affairs, War Reporter, Investigative Reporting, Breaking News, Travel March 13 @ 7:33am

Hello, I'm currently traveling from Slovakia to Romania, visiting multiple border crossings and interviewing countless Ukrainian refugees, the volunteers, who in practically a few hours responded, in various countries.
This series of stories covers many topics:
1) The army of volunteers in neighboring countries that are helping Ukrainians fleeing the war.
2) The international soldiers and medics that are coming to border crossings willing to take up arms and help patch-up the injured.
3) the countless number of Ukrainians that are GOING BACK after fleeing to Hungary, they return in trains, because some of their family members are still back home and can't leave, because they are tied to their lands (many are farmers) or because they feel they can't abandon their countries.
4) The Ukrainian men who are dodging the war and fleeing to Romania crossing the Tisa river and claiming asylum. One has perished and two others nearly died.
5) A reporters account of what I saw and lived as I travelled to 4 border towns and 4 major cities in Europe.
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