African Countries Adopt Rwanda 2020 vision

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The Rwanda 2020 vision proved to the whole world whatever is lacking, we have means to acquire it not to depend on international aid. The main message is that we should not remain mentally married to the idea that nothing can get moving without external finance. The 2020 Vision is a game changer in the Rwandan economy. A better economy supersedes with better health facilities. Rwanda has made substantial gains in the health and welfare of its population over a relatively short period of time includingstand-out achievements on the Millennium Development Goals. Today, Rwanda's 11.8 million citizens have local access to eye care and vision treatment - the first developing country to provide all its citizens with local access to affordable eye care. The Ministry of Health ventured into other partnerships example collaboration with drone-tech start-up Zipline, which connects aid workers to fleets of pilotless aircraft via SMS, to deliver medical supplies to rural health centers. This simple innovation cuts delivery times for vital blood supplies from several hours, or even days during bad weather, to 40 minutes. It became the first country in the world to integrate drones into their health system.

Universal access to equitable and affordable quality health services for citizens in the world and should be the aim of any Health Sector Policy. There is a need of Community-Based Health Insurance schemes that must be developed to meet the needs of any citizen outside of the formal sector, where access to and utilization of healthcare services had been historically very low. For instance, Rwanda was one of only four African countries to have met the targets of the Abuja Declaration (to allocate at least 15% of national budgets to the health sector) and of the High-Level Taskforce on Innovative International Financing for Health Systems (to spend at least US$44 per capita on health). Rwanda's near-universal health care system has been the focus of much discussion and debate in the global health community. Now reaching nearly 90% of the population, its unique funding model, which combines tax revenue, foreign aid, and voluntary premiums, has been closely studied by development agencies and governments alike across the developing world.

The Rwandan government is one of very few in the world where female members of parliament outnumber men. His Excellency President Kagame rule has transformed Rwanda, enhancing peace-building and women's empowerment, increasing economic development, and advancing the country's education and communications technologies. Rwanda is now much-admired by people and institutions all over the world. Kigali is the cleanest city ever found in Africa. Life expectancy, literacy, primary school enrollment and spending on healthcare have all improved. More than two decades on, Rwanda's economy, left in tatters following the genocide, has come a long way. Rwandans are generally living healthier and wealthier lives

Progress of the country starts with a conducive environment and creates room for citizens to participate in the rebuilding of the nation. Most African countries should learn from Rwanda on how to implement the vision. Rwanda 2020 vision is a tactical vision with light to future generations.

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