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VIDEO NEWS FEATURE: Skull Artist - uncovering beauty in death & giving new live

Johannesburg, South Africa Science & Environment, Cultural October 4 @ 6:45pm

In a country like South Africa, where eating meat is common and there is a culture of hunting amongst certain groups of people, this talented artist the skulls that would otherwise have gone to waste, into unique hand-carved, internationally sought-after artworks and décor pieces. Not a hunter herself, she believes her intricated skull and horn carvings which are often plated with metals like gold and copper, not only limits wastage but gives new life to the dead animal, while uncovering their unique beauty in death. Yolandi uses cow skulls sourced from her local butcher. Legal hunters and taxidermists provide her with the skulls and horns of legally hunted African antelopes. Her unique artwork attracts the attention of interior designers and taxidermist who are looking for unique décor pieces or taxidermic services for their clients across the world.
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