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2017 year in review: Timeline, The Atio Castillo 111 Case: A Filipino Law Student Dies by Hazing ( The Victim is a direc

Manila, Philippines Current Affairs May 20 @ 2:25pm

Manila,Philippines—Horacio “Atio” Castillo 111 left home for a "welcoming party" that turned out to be a hazing rite of Aegis Juris Fraternity (AJF) on September 16.

AJF is based at the UST Faculty of Civil Law, that was not officially recognized by the said university at the time of Atio’s death.

AJF then was not supposed to be recruiting new members.

Its current dean, Nilo Divina, is an alumnus of the fraternity and is suspected to know more than what he was disclosing.

Atio assured his parents' apprehensions when he asked permission to join the fraternity and said that Aegis Juris does not conduct hazing.

His parents said Atio promised to come back on September 17, Sunday.

He never came home, alive.

In an Interview with GMA News in Manila Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri said, During the Senate inquiry on Castillo's death, Zubiri lamented that Aegis Juris was able to recruit the 22-year-old despite the fact that it failed to hurdle the accreditation process.

"If the students knew the real status of the fraternity, baka hindi pa napa-recruit si Atio Castillo because you know if you are suspended, you are not recognized. May malaking sign diyan 'Aegis Juris is no longer recognized by UST,'" Zubiri said.

Atio’s Timeline leading to his death was reported and released by Major Media Outlets in November 2017
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