Ruth Esther Namatovu
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Kampala, Uganda Investigative Reporting, Social November 28 @ 3:09pm

There’s a huge campaign going on around the globe fighting against the discrimination of people of colour(Black origin) Many activists have now made it their business to promote, particularly, “The woman of colour or dark /black skin” On the contrary, bleaching in Africa from dark skin to white skin has become some sort of fashion and one of the most booming businesses in the cosmetic industry not only in Uganda but also else in African countries
Business owners make the bleaching creams and have also set up schools where students from the age of 15yrs can go and study how to make bleaching creams, how to bleach others and themselves. You find that most staff in these beauty or cosmetic shops have bleached their skin, including some men.
While some people have successful bleached their bodies to white, others have suffered adverse effects of burnt skin, creating permanent dark scars on their bodies. Others developed red patches like blood clots under their skin. I want to find out from these women, what makes them hate their dark skin to bleach to white skin. Find out what laws are in place for such businesses and the medical risks associated with bleaching one’s skin over a period of time.
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