Nausheena Mahomed
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When Boundaries are Crossed

Johannesburg, South Africa Current Affairs July 11 @ 11:48pm

When Boundaries are Crossed - A mini-documentary that unpacks the troubling picture of child abuse in South Africa. 41 % of all reported rape cases from the past three years up to 2018 involve children. But as harrowing as these statistics are, they cannot adequately portray the everyday impact of violence on children in South Africa. Individual narratives reveal much more.

This is a mini-documentary proposal for anyone interested in delving into this disturbing but relevant subject, given statistics in South Africa. There are several important questions to be asked. It is a current affairs production but one that will also reveal much more detail on how children are groomed and targetted for sexual abuse.

This production is currently in progress. If anyone is interested in this it can be shortened down to a feature format. The target duration is amendable.
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