Radio interview with former Mexican President Carlos Salinas

Ciudad de México, Mexico Current Affairs February 5 @ 9:48pm

Former Mexican President Carlos Salinas, the architect of Mexico`s membership of the North American Free Trade Agreement, discusses how shattering it would be for the entire region of the Americas, if the Trump Administration pulled out of the NAFTA, which they`ve threatened to do, unless it`s altered to favour them.

Salinas questions just why Mexico is being singled out in a biased way. The United States does have a 60 billion traded imbalance with Mexico. But the trade deficit of Japan is 68 billion and Germany`s is 75 billion. Neither have a trade agreement with the US, or are being treated in this way. Salinas questions if President Trump wants China and Japan to gain a significant trade advantage over the Americas. He also demands due respect for Mexico, a mighty nation in its own right, with a 3,000 years heritage.

Former Presidents Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon have already spoken out defending Mexico, which at the brunt of a new broom. This is the first time Carlos Salinas has internationally gone public with his reasoned, yet forceful views.
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