Tumwekwasize Bahene Francis
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Child sacrifice cases on an increase in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda Current Affairs February 20 @ 11:38am

Despite Uganda government's efforts to curb down cases of human sacrifice in Uganda, cases of human sacrifice especially children are on an increase.
According to the country's Anti-Human Sacrifice Taskforce cases of child, sacrifice has more than doubled since 2009.
Some people have a belief that when you sacrifice a child you get wealth, and there are people who are willing to buy these children for a price. So they have become a commodity of exchange, child sacrifice has become a commercial business.
Most of these people are sent by witch doctors to bring certain body parts of human being with the belief that would help them get rich quickly.
The gravity of the problem can be easily observed basing on the number of children who have been rescued and undergoing rehabilitation in different centers.
I would be interested in knowing what causes an increase despite the fact that the Government established ‘’ Anti-Human Sacrifice Police Task Force’’ in response to the growing numbers of human sacrifice.
I would also talk to different stakeholders in the fight against the vice. Stakeholders like police, civil society organization looking after survivors and Witch Doctors themselves to find out what is being done to stop the problem.
The story is to be done in both Video and photography.
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