Jaime Velazquez
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The high life of Venezuelan exile in Madrid

Madrid, Spain Politics February 21 @ 10:36am

Hundreds of Venezuelans have left their country, which is in the middle of a deep political and economic crisis. But unlike other Latin American inmigration, some of Venezuelan exiles are living a high life in Spain. Venezuelans are said to have bought flats and buildings in the most expensive areas of the Spanish capital. I will speak with some of the Venezuelan migrants in Spain and also a real estate agent form high street Serrano and an investment firm to look at Venezuelan investment in the capital. I want to know how Venezuelans are living in Spain, how they see the situation in Venezuela and why they left the country. Did they leave because they couldn't make a living, or did they leave because their way of life has no room in Maduro's Venezuela?

This is a written story both in English and Spanish. Pictures and Video will be also available.
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