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Lions, Tigers, and Bears - Oh My! 100 Hundred Years of Munich's Circus Krone

Munich, Germany Cultural November 26 @ 5:11pm

In 1919, after the end of World War I, the Krone family of Munich, which had had a traveling animal show since 1870, opened Circus Krone in Munich. In 2019 Circus Krone will celebrate 100 years of great traditional and innovative circus entertainment as the world’s circus that has performed for the longest continuous time in its own permanent building. Circus Krone is still western Europe’s only circus with a permanent home. To this day the circus is run by the Krone family and specializes in wild animal acts, as it did, for example in 1893, when it wowed audiences with the spectacle of a lion riding on a prancing horse’s back. The lion tamer still pushes the limits of what can be dared with lions, for example by lying on his back and snuggling with a huge maned feline who lies right on top of him. There are many, many other stories to tell from the long history of history of Circus Krone, like about how young rebel Adolf Hitler incited crowds to revolution on its stage in 1923, and how the whole circus building was demolished by bombs in 1944 and was later rebuilt. In recent years, circus managers have been in the focus of investigations led by animal rights groups. 100 years of Munich’s Circus Krone – a colorful, attention-getting topic for your publication?
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