Political Change in Sudan And its repercussions on the political and economic situation in the Republic of South Sudan.

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Political Change in Sudan
And its repercussions on the political and economic situation in the Republic of South Sudan.
Report: Bathumi Ayul.
8/8 / 2019.
The political changes of the regime in Sudan remains the great interest to all concerned and observers locally, regional and international levels. Because of this change has been through behavior remained over the past ten years to the countries of the region, but what happened in Sudan is important for its neighbor South Sudan because of its relevance to issues of concern between Juba and Khartoum.
Of course there are political, economic, and even security effects on the state of South Sudan and its people that will result from this change, which requires careful findings, what has happened in Sudan. with no doubt this dramatic change, will reflect on the political and economic situation in the country according to the current public opinion of South Sudanese about the event.
It is clear that the people of South Sudan were divided between supporters of this movement for other considerations, and not supportive of this historic event with weak arguments based on the concept of protection (Revitalized peace agreement) signed in Sudan late last year, which will adversely affect the peace signed between the parties, on the other hand, is divided over whether it will affect the local situation in South Sudan politically and economically.

Leader and a member of the Political Bureau and former Secretary of the Secretariat of the SPLM Women, Dr. "Regina Richard Aban" said that what happened in Sudan is an important precedent in the modern history of Sudan and South Sudan, and good for the two peoples, which could result with a positive impact on local situation within the country, given the challenges of the current national construction "The revolution is a win-win situation because it has removed a regime that the people of South Sudan have suffered for a long time, despite reaching understandings to settle the conflict between them in the past, turning the page of the long war," Aban said. especially there are unresolved issues between the two countries during the reign of the former Sudanese president, explaining that the delay was due to corruption-related reasons, saying that "the former regime has been filling his pockets for years and feeding his absurd wars on the outskirts of Sudan from the oil revenues of Southern Sudan adding "It was not easy for Bashir regime to accept the loss of oil."
The former regime had exerted economic pressures after the separation, which resulted in a state of instability in the relations between the two countries, political stability will be reflected in practice on the situation between the two countries through a painstaking review of all the impurities and requirements of stability in accordance with common interests.
This is confirmed by the civil activist "Adison Joseph" that the repercussions of the political change in Sudan on the current political situation in Southern Sudan depends largely on the nature of the change itself and the balance of power in Sudan between the military and civilians, and explained that if the balance tilt in favor of the military will be a negative indicator of the stability process In South Sudan, he revealed that it would lead to renewed war and instability on the border and the three burning areas in Sudan, which facilitates the flow of arms across the border, he explained "Joseph" that situation will complicate the peace process, adding that the state of co-opting The forces of the revolution will be good and will promote stability in relations between the two countries and popular communication, and perhaps will encourage the South Sudan to form confederation with Sudan , which may politically affect the situation in southern Sudan in the future by bringing about political change.
In other side the lawyer and journalist, Simon Ater, in his speech, he believes that what the Sudanese people have done deserves to be commended, the revolution that turned the page of disagreement and the absence of political reconciliation in Sudan, and even a victory for the voice of the street, and went on saying that this political change is a very necessary stage in the history of the two countries because it will be reflected in one way or another positively on the situation in South Sudan, describing it as a "gain" that will return the relations of the two countries to its normal course. He added that the relations between the two countries remained tense on the matter of history and did not take the logical reality. He said, this situation will have a significant and practical impact on the southern Sudanese street, to change their way thinking towards Sudan, which will push the idea of representing or simulating what happened in Sudan in the future, indicating that the general conditions in the country not different from what happened in Sudan, he added South Sudan might face a revolution in the future.
Comments by Madani Abbas
The leader of the Freedom and Change Declaration, Madani Abbas Madani said in statements attributed to him, on August 3 that they will work hard to annex South Sudan again to Sudan in the future and to form a confederation, that will allow the free exchange between the peoples of the two countries, this ideas which aroused the anger of the South Street On the realism of this request, as one of the lungs on which the members of the Declaration of the freedom and Change relied to build their future relations with South Sudan, confirmed by the l "Richard" saying that Madani's statements should have been rejected and booed by the Southern Sudanese, explaining that the rejection Justified According to the situation of the southerners in the period before the secession, she went on saying that the problem of southerners was not with the National Congress itself because the issue has remained since the independence of Sudan in 1955 and the succession of the rulers of Sudan, indicating that linking the matter with the former regime in Sudan is wrong, pointing out that Madani’s statements express sympathy and polarization only.
Civil activist Adison Joseph disagreed with the Regina, saying that there is a possibility of forming a confederation between the two countries, explaining that this will strengthen popular and official relations between them, and revealed that "its depend on challenge to stop the war in the two countries, without stopping the war will have the effects and negative aspects." .
On the other hand, Ater said that Madani's statements on the confederation were taken in sensitivity views of the relation between the two countries, he explained that the idea of the confederation is an advanced understanding to manage the relationship between South Sudan and Sudan, noting that the agreement on the four freedoms will enhance thinking about the confederation between Juba- Khartoum, Simon revealed that building a stable relationship between the two countries will be reflected and brought up a great stability, slowing the pages of mutual accusations of supporting the armed movements in the two countries.
In conclusions, it is clear that political change in Sudan is importance for the requirements of political and economic stability in South Sudan, and to possible political climate within the country, due to private juxtaposition.
The situation in the country as a new page in the history of Khartoum it is highly considerable, while others appreciated the role of the Freedom and Change Declaration group in changing the pattern of thinking of Sudan towards South Sudan in the next stage, by giving South Sudan a special space in the constitutional document.
On the other hand, others believe that the revolution that erupted in Sudan and led to the overthrow of Bashir will constitute another asset for the southern Sudanese in the medium term, may strengthen the idea of a similar movement, according to the current situations that is running inside the country, while differing thought about the statements of the Madani Abbas on the possibility of Confederation between the two countries, which will reflect economically and politically on South Sudan, but those are conditional on the security ,stability in the two countries.
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