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Hacking the Earthquake, tracking the money – how an Italian movement is facing corruption in reconst

Torino, Italy Current Affairs March 1 @ 11:39am

Terremotocentroitalia is not just the name of the Italian regions that last August have been havily affected by an earthquake. It is also the tech response a group of volunteering developers and social experts are giving to a big problem: helping the population bit by a natural disaster to reorganize their everydaylife and also by tracking fake news and illegal actions that can mislead emergency fundings (and the public opinion) about the reconstrucion phase . Their online platform is now crowdfunded to develop another "feature": an app that can track how the money to build up the cities detroyed are managed. The Government didn't help the team which is working completely on its own. An insight in an everyday life of a group of Italian "hackers" can help people understand how digital tools can be used by ordinary people to get over the fences of burocracy and Institutional not-appropriate reaction.
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