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Rise an fall of the sharing economy players in Italy.

Torino, Italy Current Affairs March 1 @ 11:43am

Gnammo is a famous Italian startup that allows everyone to take part to dinners/lunches organized by perfect strangers. After 3 years of successes and a good bunch of users it risks to close down: the Italian Parliament has just approved a law that forbid people to use services like this to sell or buy food within private houses because they are not restaurants. Example like this are becoming familiar in the Country where corportations and lobbies manage to get approved laws against gig and sharing economy businesses. Laws that seem to be general while are based on very specific startups or sharing economy business models. An insight of all the norms approved just to forbid a specific business, with interviews and stories plus an analysis of what can be the effect in the long run: can Italy balance the need of innovation with gig and sharing economy boom? And Which are the real reasons behind this attitude of Country caught up in innovative ideas and conservative rules?
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