Barbara D'Amico
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Space Entrepreneurs - From technology to business, a race to the Stars

Torino, Italy Current Affairs March 1 @ 11:47am

Argotech is a little, young company based in Turin. It was enrolled by the European Space Program to find a way to get gourmet food being tasted also during the space missions. The team found a way to get a real Italian coffee also at zero gravity. D-Orbit is another startup able to clean the Space from "universe waste" (devices and technological tools dismissed during space missions). It ia based in Milan and it's an example of a phenomenon: European startups taking over a small but important market never accessible before by private entrepreneurs: the Universe exploration. The trend, promoted by the visionaire Elon Musk, is now conquering many business sector. But how do yo become a space entreprenuer? Through interviews we will try to uncover oddities, successes and obstacle of the most ancient dream of all, touching the stars through a new way of seeing the Space. Not just as another dimension, but rather unknown illimited market.
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