Barbara D'Amico
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Handmade and artisan jobs reshaping the lost future of the young Italians

Torino, Italy Cultural March 1 @ 11:59am

An inisght of the rebirth of works we thought too old-fashioned or out of market to resist the hi-tech race. From artisans to handmade shoes, from glass arstits to carpenters and bakers: these are the new jobs young italian workers are taking over because all the other sectors they have been studying for are shrinking their job demand. In the Country, new schools are rising thanks to people who want to learn how to earn by "doing with their hands". Artisan labs get a new life in an Era where A.I is supposed to substitute humans in their jobs. Is it a crazy choice? Or is it a counterintuitive action to not be defeated by one of the highest unemployement rate in Europe (around 40%)?
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