Cinzia Caserio
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The refugee crisis: a huge business

Milano, Italy Current Affairs March 14 @ 3:22pm

The refugee crisis in Italy it’s not longer an emergency, but it’s still considered in this way because it’s a huge business for many people, so it’s better for them to work without rules. A witness working in reception centres for asylum seekers told me everything he saw and what he experienced inside these centres.
The story is newsworthy because refugee crisis is still a key issue in Europe (and not only in Europe), and the witness told me unknown aspects of the work inside the reception centres for asylum seekers. The exploitation of the migrants and, at the same time, of the young workers inside the centres, the way they have to work, without rules and without any information about sanitary problems are just a few issues of the story. I reported about the way associations make money from migrants, thanks to the so-called “pocket money” given to them.
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