Armenian elections: A big refurbishment of the system for little political change

Yerevan, Armenia Current Affairs March 15 @ 10:37am

This year elections in Armenia, to be held on 2 April, will signify a profound change in the political system of the small Caucasian Republic. It is the first voting after the Constitutional change that will transform the country from a presidential system to a parliamentary system. At the same time, it will allow current president Serzh Sargsyan, who's tenure was ending, to remain in power by swapping the presidency for the prime ministership. His Republican party is expected to win the elections.

There are many stories surrounding these elections: the constitutional change that allows the ruling party to stay in power, how a bigger role by the parliament might change the Republic's foreign policy (traditionally a Moscow ally) and how the Armenian genocide question is being portrayed by the parties.

I will be in Armenia by the end of March available for stories on the elections or any other issues. I can write in English and Spanish
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