Return to Ramadi

Baghdad, Iraq Current Affairs March 29 @ 4:29am

The capital of Anbar has been a contested city since the US invaded
Iraq in 2003 -- but the destruction caused when the US and Iraqi
government took back Ramadi from the Islamic State earlier this year
is the most significant sustained by ANY Iraqi city in the last 10
years. The local government estimates 90 percent of the buildings
there are uninhabitable, and the majority of the city's residents are

In 2015, our producer gained exclusive access to the city, two months
before it was taken over by the Islamic State. We will return to
Ramadi in the company of Suhaib al Rawi, the governor of Anbar
province, to document the the challenges he faces in rebuilding. Among
them are a population that has been marginalized by the Iraqi
government for years a lack of funding for construction. Al Rawi fears
that the longer it takes, the more likely IS sympathizers are to
infiltrate and take back the city. Ramadi is a 100 percent Sunni city,
and viewed with suspicion and even outright hostility by the
Shiite-dominated central government.
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