Lebanon gets trashed

Bayrut, Lebanon Current Affairs March 29 @ 4:31am

For decades, Lebanon was home to the world’s 2nd largest garbage dump. When the national landfill in Saida was shut down two years ago with no alternative in place, it didn’t take long for trash to proliferate along roadsides and in open areas across the country. In January, a temporary landfill near the Beirut airport attracted so many birds they began to endanger air traffic. Hunters were quickly brought in to kill the birds, another solution to a problem that fails to address the real problem.

A judge has ruled the airport landfill, known as Costa Brava, must be shut down by June. The site is on the beach, and 40-foot bails of garbage 100 feet from the water aren’t a great advertisement for the country’s tourism industry. And in summer, that landfill is really, really going to stink.

However, no community in Lebanon has yet agreed to be the site of the country’s new dump.

Activists from the ‘You Stink’ movement will be our guides to the issue as they continue their campaign to make the government accountable and solve the trash problem. They are pushing to close the landfill, and were instrumental in the closing of the Saida landfill in 2015.

We’ll also meet the hunters who kill the birds.
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