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Why is it still not a good idea to travel to Brazil these days of COVID-19?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Travel July 24 @ 7:17pm

Some airline companies have resumed their flights to Brazil. It seems an invitation to those dreaming to come to the biggest and most famous South American country, but in fact it must be seen with precaution.

Localized lockdowns continue to varying degrees. Restrictions still vary from city to city. Many hotel chains are still closed, as well as shopping centers, museums and other tourist attractions.

The use of face masks in public, including on public transport and in taxis and in shops (where open) is now compulsory in various cities including Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, and Brasilia.

My idea is to select the most visited cities in Brazil, and show a panorama of them in our current time of COVID-19 pandemic, showing positive and negative aspects to travelers who are thinking about visiting the country.
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