Despite US trend Women´s rights making advances in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Breaking News 30 Jun 2022

In contrast to other societies Women´s rights progressing in Brazil

Despite Brazil´s fame for being another abusive macho society among others in Latin America, women´s rights have been advancing perhaps more than many other nations.
-A ten-year-old child who was raped was recently granted the right to have an abortion despite the fetus she was carrying was over 22 weeks old.
-A journalist who was insulted for allegedly using her sex to scoop rivals by right-wing and vulgar President Jair Bolsonaro recently was awarded a monetary settlement a top Brazilian court.
And a state assemblywoman whose breasts were groped by a colleague had the satisfaction of her abuser being sacked.
-The head of the Federal Bank, a close friend of Brazil´s President, was sacked after allegations that he was sexually accosting women employees. Substituting him is a woman, an assistant of Brazil´s Finance Minister.
Meanwhile a distinguished Senator who has made a notable career on Congressional investigative committees, Simone Tebet, is running for President of Brazil in a contest which will be decided this October.
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