Venezuelans flock to neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago to escape economic hardship

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago Social March 31 @ 2:43am

Venezuela has had a long and close relationship with its Caribbean neighbour Trinidad and Tobago, going back to the 18th century when fighters for independence on the South American mainland found in the twin-island country a ready source of help and supplies. Now Venezuelans are continuing to look to Trinidad and Tobago as a source of help as their country continues its downward spiral economically. Instead of turning to their South American neighbours such as Colombia, Argentina, or Chile, many Venezuelans prefer to enter Trinidad and Tobago and remain there illegally where they are able to find work and earn money to send back home to relatives. So while they do regularly go to Triinidad and Tobago to shop, many also never return home. Some seek to become legal by the age-old manoeuvre of marrying a Trinidadian. Whatever their actual immigration status, their presence is being increasingly felt in Trinidad and Tobago and has raised some concerns. Meanwhile, the Trinidad and Tobago government entered into an agreement with the Maduro government late last year to provide food supplies.

I am interested in writing this story as a news feature. I have contacts with Venezuelans and can also provide pictures to illustrate the story. Please do get in touch if this story idea interests you.
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