Asian Martial arts in Tunisia

Tunis, Tunisia Sports February 9 @ 11:38am

The martial arts of Asian origin are popular among the Tunisian people and are the number one in terms of the number of those who come to them because of the sport of ethics.
Questions: Why did you choose Asian sport, which is far away from Tunisia instead of choosing another sport, for example European? What are the most important characteristics of this sport? What do you think of the site on the sports arena in Tunisia? Have you traveled to China, for example, for training or training, and what did you gain?
Brolls: Interview with Essam El Barhoumi Champion in many Asian martial arts in general and Chinese in particular. Interview with some athletes practicing in these sports. General video from within the competent sports halls Video of the champion awards and medals. 360° video in sports halls while they practice this sport.
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