Slovakia confronts its ugly past

Bratislava, Slovakia Current Affairs April 3 @ 7:24pm

Last week, Slovak parliament amended the law to allow the president revoke pardons granted in 1998 on a group of men who abducted the son of then president Kováč. The case is seen as a symbol of former prime minister Vladimír Mečiar’s undemocratic era, as Kováč was Mečiar’s main opponent and the kidnapping was orchestrated by his close ally, a head of the Slovak spy agency. Currently, this is the top story in Slovakia, additionally animated by the political thriller on these events, which has just opened in the Slovak theatres. I would talk with those who kept fighting for more than two decades for justice, and learn why it took so long to deal with the past. I would put the pardon in the current context as it reflects the current political divisions as much as it helps the country to come to terms with its ugly past. But also I would use this as a good occassion to remind how Central European illiberalism looked like in practice.
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