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A Toxic Relationship: Saving the Environment is key to survival of Tunisian Democracy & Economy

Tunis, Tunisia Current Affairs April 5 @ 8:12am

Tunisia is locked into a cycle of pollution, seeking funding for reducing pollution from major donors such as the World Bank and increasing debt. Government policies and inefficient waste management have led to toxic overload on water sources. Raw effluent is being pumped out into a lagoon near Tunis, poisoning flamingos. Landfill sites are leaking toxins into the local water sources poisoning water for irrigation. The list of ecological nightmares goes on and on.

This Friday will see representatives from communities most affected by pollution meet with the major donors to discuss the environmental future of Tunisia with major donors such as EBRD, World Bank to see if there is a way out of this dangerous cycle of pollution and debt.

Tunisia's economic problems are the main drivers of Islamist radicalisation. Tunisia is a major source of jihadi fighters in Libya and Syria. Economic pressures and lack of opportunity are pushing young people in this direction. Environment, economy and social security are key to ensuring that Tunisia's democracy and peace continues.
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