Elizia Volkmann
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The Art of Happiness in Tripoli

Tunis, Tunisia Arts & Books April 5 @ 8:24am

Tripoli has been torn apart by war and control by militia since the onset of civil war in 2014.

One brave young woman opened an art centre to counter the relentless misery and lack of opportunity for artists there. Four months on thanks to very careful and strategic, low profile advertising and marketing Waraq art space is still a going concern. Where other projects outside of the conservative norm have been forced shut in a city where beauty salons have been shut down by islamist fighters Waraq art space is a beacon of hope for young people and artists.

Their greatest achievement has been to help young children find happiness through practising art. Founder Takwa Barnoussi described how four months ago when the children first arrived they were just painting pictures of tanks and guns, now they have learned to be happy and creative and leave the war behind when they enter her space.

Currently they are exhibiting works exploring issues of transitional democracy in Libya.
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