Brewing In Ireland

Tralee, Ireland Food & Drink April 10 @ 11:07am

Ireland's craft brewing business is just getting on its feet. Still it is a strong one, with some great beers, along with excellent brewery tours in different parts of the country. Get the inside story from the smallest one, Burren Brewing, and see how Peter Curtin combines great beers from his brewery, with excellent food from the kitchen, all served in a classic Irish pub. On site Peter also has Ireland's largest charcoal oven, ideal for some unique beer with food combinations. He even uses wild yeast from the local area when it is in season. Peter's wife runs the award winning Burren Smokehouse, providing organic smoked Irish salmon, cheese, mackerel and trout. The family have been on site for over a hundred years, with Peter born upstairs in 1953. He also runs the Burren Tolkien society, as the area served as an influence, when the author wrote the Lord of The Rings. I will supply some great photos, along with a well written article, ideal for any color supplement.
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