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I'm a freelance journalist based in Barcelona and I would like to send you some story ideas to see if you would be interested.
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-Undocumented migrants: the great forgotten in the coronavirus crisis
Leslie is a woman from Peru who has lived in Barcelona for the last years without legal documents. in this situation the only option to survive was to work for elder persons in their homes, hiding always from the police, with the risk of being deported back to peru.
she worked for an elder man just until few days before the state of alarm was decreted in spain due to coronavirus.
Now, without work, and without the public financial aid that government was prepared for all the workers affected from the lack of work due to the state of alarm in Spain, she finds herself especially vulnerable: anxyous -especially in the night- for not having work and money and also for not being able to go out to look for work again, as is not allowed to be in the streets until May. Without proper education and information, she used to ask for work in some churches in barcelona.
She is my flatmate, so we are spending these coronavirus days together. We live in a charity flat that belongs to the Vatican, also with a nun.

-'Manteros' against coronavirus: migrants who arrived in Catalonia coming from Sub-saharan African countries -mostly from Senegal- and that normally work in the street selling products to tourists are working hard these days to manufacture masks, caps and gowns for hospitals. The collective has also set up a food collection campaign and ask for respect for their work.

-'Riders' denounce that their companies do not provide them with security equipment against the coronavirus. These days while the streets in Barcelona are almost empty it is possible to see dozens of people -mostly migrants- working for large companies of distributors of food and products such as Glovo, Deliveroo, Uber Eats or Amazon in precarious conditions and without enough security against coronavirus. Here is an example of a worker who has made some drawings about his work:

-A nun activist reflecting her life and work in the midst of coronavirus epidemic
Mari Pau Trayner Vilanova is a nun, 84 years old, who fights actively for the rights of the nuns inside the Church. In fact, she devoted her life to struggle for a change inside the Church. Althought her age,she still gives speeches often in her cause. She is never at home. These days she is especially vulnerable to coronavirus because of her age, and in Spain,the second most hit country in Europe.
She spends her time reading about faith, writing about Christianity and women rights in the Church, and is living her faith in a different way which she was not used until now. She is always surrounded by people and goes to pray in the Church. Through home we will see her reflections on faith, will follow her work closely and her ideals in life in a different way.

-Muslim cemeteries without space: muslim communities have made public that they lack space in Spain to bury their family members. They have specific cemeteries for islam, most of the people coming from Morocco. In many cases they prefer to bury them back in Morocco for those who lived in Spain, but nowadays with coronavirus it is not possible.

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