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Cloth fit for a King

Bavaria, Germany Cultural December 5 @ 3:31pm

Volker Illimann was born into a family of textile manufacturers and is one of Europe's leading experts on historical fabrics. His expertise has made cloth reconstruction possible for exquisite furniture in many castles and palaces in Germany: in Potsdam, Würzburg, Munich... Not only does he know just about more than anyone about historical fabrics; he re-creates them himself and even makes thread himself out of wool, linen, cotton, silk, mohair, and even horsehair, often inter-woven with silver and gold threads. Mr. Illigmann also dyes thread and prints cloth himself. He does much of the work by hand or on historical looms. He decorates cloth with embroidery and a variety of production techniques to create an astounding array of textures and visual effects. Before he even begins work, Mr. Illigmann does thorough research on materials and production processes based on swatches of original historical fabrics. An article about or interview with Volker Illigmann could focus on how this consummate craftsman keeps an ages-old art alive. Mr. Illigmann has told me that he would be pleased to be interviewed and show off his work ...... in the pages of your publication?
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