Will Portugal bite a big chunk of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, again, or give it away to China?

Lisbon, Portugal Science & Environment January 16 @ 12:07pm

The 2020 UN Conference will take place in Lisbon (June 2-6) and Ocean is on top of the agenda, even beyond the Goal 14. Based in Lisbon and well immersed in the Blue Economy at large, from the industry perspective as well as from the academic, tourism and recreational segments; please refer to my article on LEME - Barometer of the Blue Economy by PwC including others at . With the key decision makers and influencers at my radar and/or accessible while I have being attending events of the trade/field, I have an accountable amount of data, info, opinions from third party and my own angle of about how Portugal will be part of the years to come and decade. Also, on the "ready to go" mode to interview key figures and peers on the subject.
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