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campaign to free Kaavin, a male elephant in the Islamabad zoo.

Islamabad, Pakistan Social May 18 @ 9:41am

After the tragic tic death of the female elephant suzi in Lahore zoo, the animal right group is now running the campaign to free Kaavin, a male elephant in the Islamabad zoo.

The worldwide right group appeal of the Pakistan government to free the Kaavin and the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary has sent a letter to the Senate of Pakistan offering to provide lifetime sanctuary for Kaavan. They are offering immediate care for Kaavan in a natural habitat, ensuring his social needs, medical needs will be met. The Kaavan will be in the expert care of those who can tend to the needs of an elephant exposed to 30 years of severe neglect.

Animal right group claim that he has severe mental problems as can be witnessed by him weaving his head repetitively - he is not, as some media tell us, "dancing", and his feet are in urgent need of veterinary care. Foot disease is one of the biggest killers of elephants in captivity.

An online petition is also running on the social media.

Year old video of kaavan from the BBC Urdu

اسلام آباد کے اداس ہاتھی کو بچانے کی مہم

I can file a story on it with the direct quotes and whatever required for this.

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