Elections in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya Politics, Current Affairs May 24 @ 1:30pm

Elections in Kenya
Kenya conducts its General Elections in 10 weeks time and as is usually the case, political temperatures have hit fever pitch as aspirants campaign for public offices.
Analysts have billed this to be Kenya’s most expensive and competitive election ever, and this is due to the advent of devolution/ federalism in 2013 after the previous polls. The number of Kenyans seeking various elective positions has hit an all time high with many pursuing offices in the nascent county governments. Professionals are also leaving the corporate world to dive into the murky world of politics.
This story intends to examine the forthcoming elections in Kenya and discover the key issues that will drive and influence the outcomes. Areas of interest will include
• A look at devolution and the motivation behind so many people seeking offices in the counties
• A look at the major issues that would influence voting
• The role that the 2010 constitution is playing in influencing the voters and the nominees

The subjects of the focus would be:
• Economists
• Political analysts
• Candidates
• Ordinary voters
If you are interested in this pitch or similar stories in the African great lakes region (East Africa + DRC), kindly get in touch with me and we will work something out.
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