Hindus and cremation

Nairobi, Kenya Social, Cultural May 24 @ 1:31pm

Most Kenyan Asians practice Hinduism as a religion and live according to its tenets that include a simple funeral rite involving cremation of corpses and a plain memorial service.
In most towns and cities where they settle, they set up dedicated crematoriums for their communities to address this need. The facility is usually open to members of other faiths as well, who prefer cremation to conventional funerals and burials.
This story aims at probing the cremation practice among Kenyan Asians and how they maintain in their culture. Specific areas of focus will include
• A visit to a crematorium. How does it look and work?
• What are the cultural/spiritual implications of cremation?
• What are the financial implications of opting for cremation
• How is cremation better than burial?

The subjects of the focus would be:
• Hindu adherents
• Hindu priests, if possible
• Cremation room technicians
• Kenyan Asian Community leaders
If you are interested in this pitch or similar stories in the African great lakes region (East Africa + DRC), kindly get in touch with me and we will work something out.
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