Fish farming revolution

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For centuries, inhabitants of the region surrounding Lake Victoria have relied on fishing as a source of livelihood.
However, over the last 50 years a population explosion, pollution and the water hyacinth weed have made this economic activity increasingly unprofitable. The government has made attempts at dealing with these problems including fishing bans during spawning seasons and enforcing stringent environmental protections laws, leaving most fisher folk in economically perilous circumstances.
Since 2014, a segment of fisher-folk has developed a new technique of fish farming using cages on the same lake. Instead of venturing into the deep in search of fish, farmers now rear their preferred species in cages placed inside the lake, taking several months before harvesting. The technique has the potential of saving threatened species while turning a neat profit for investors in the fish sector. In addition, the method poses no threat to the environment
This story aims at exploring cage fish farming as farmers conduct it in Lake Victoria. Specific areas of inquiry will include
• The genesis of the method, who pioneered it and what is their view of how things have developed.
• Its' potential. What are the economic issues behind cage fish farming
• Its challenges. What are the difficulties fish farmers are facing
• How have the investors organized themselves? Do they cooperatives, etc?

The subjects of the focus would be:
• Fish farmers
• Fish farm hands
• Local agriculture officials
• Environmentalists
If you are interested in this pitch or similar stories in the African great lakes region (East Africa + DRC), kindly get in touch with me and we will work something out.
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