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London, United Kingdom Social May 29 @ 7:42pm

Being an escort girl has put me off marriage

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Kelly used to work as a social aid giving soup and blankets to street prostitutes when her curiosity made her become an escort girl. ‘I wanted to understand why men paid for sex,’ she said.

She never spends more than a week in the same town and has been living out of a suitcase for the past two years. In it, she carries a pair of red stilettos, a schoolgirl uniform, a variety of lingerie and a rabbit.

Through the window of the her rented flat, somewhere in the UK, she observes a handsome man in a suit approach the front door. 'He arrived with a suitcase. I thought he was coming from a business trip,' she says smiling. 'But when he opened it, it had women's clothes, high heels, a wig and make up.'

‘All he wanted was to dress up as a woman and be called beautiful,’ she said. ‘Then he'd go out for a quick walk outside and come back for more make up here and there.’

After two hours, he put the ring back on his finger and left.

It was late at night when this Irish writer arrived. He was her last client for the day. He wanted to chat. And he did... as she stepped on his balls with her red stilettos.

Kelly calls her job 'My very own social experiment' and wants to study anthropology.

So far, the price is quite high... she's lost faith in the eternal flame.
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