Cristian-George Gherasim
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Romania's for Western part are close to travelling by bike over a single weekend between 2 countries.

București, Romania Cultural February 15 @ 2:19pm

People in Timisioara(RO) are anxious to be able to travel to Serbia by bike. Up to know only 37km of the track are ready, stopping short of reaching Serbia. Many hope that they will soon go by bike from Timisoara, in West Romania to Zrenjanin, Serbia visiting by bike 2 countries in over a single weekend.

Romina Faur, for an NGO "Green for Bicycles" said that "we hope to soon be able to pedal to the neigbouring country. Youngster from Timisoara are the most eager to see this happening."
What awaits for Romanians going to Zrenjanin by bike over the weekend is a renovated old town, and the 6th largest city in Serbia
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