Stories from Spain about vulnerability during coronavirus pandemic

Barcelona, Spain Breaking News April 20 @ 9:19am

-Long queue before the Santa Anna parish in Barcelona to receive food
The temple works year-round as a 'Campaign Hospital' and shelter for the homeless. It also distributes food and cleaning products, as it has been doing for the past three and a half years. In addition to guaranteeing two meals a day, information is provided on other basic needs, such as showering and clothing, as well as other requirements.

-Homeless in Barcelona: How do you stay home when you have no home?
An innovative project provides support for homeless persons in Barcelona, providing orientation on where to go and how to live confinement in the safest way possible. We would talk with the promoters of the initiative and with the homeless, to know how they are living these days.

-An association denouncing air pollution in Barcelona-before and after coronavirus emergency
The climate crisis might be more severe than this pandemic. What will happen with pollution when life returns to normal? Barcelona has lived these days with the purest air of the last century. Eixample Respira (Eixample Breathes) is an association from Eixample, one of the main neighborhoods in Barcelona city center, that works these days to sensibilize for calls for drastic reduction in traffic after confinement. Since many years they denounce and organizes campaigns about the car pollution in the city. They try to use this epidemy to sensibilize the population on the risks: Polluted atmosphere increases risk of respiratory problems, which can be fatal to coronavirus patients.
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