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Artifacts discovered at the archaeological excavation site at "Giant's Tank", in northern Sri Lanka.

Mannar, Sri Lanka Current Affairs, Technology, Science & Environment, Research, Social, Cultural March 28 @ 12:10pm

Several artifacts including three bowl furnace used for the production of beads, “slags” used to extract glass, Blue and green colored glass pieces and large pieces of oars used for refining glass, found at the Archaeological excavations site near the “Giant Tank” (Yodha Wewa) In Mannar. The artifacts are believed to be belong to the protohistory era In Sri Lanka.
Although there were many studies carried out about iron refining, This is the first archaeological excavation about ancient glass refining technology Sri lanka.
This archaeological excavation is conducted under the “2018 - annual Research program”
Of the Archeology and Heritage management Department of Rajarata University, Sri Lanka, under the direct supervision of the department of Archeology, Sri Lanka. The main purpose of this excavation is to study and research about the cultural transitions and the production technologies (such as beads manufacturing, pottery ect.) related to this settlement found at the “lower MALWATHUOYA valley” in Sri Lanka.
There were no proper studies to be found about the settlements in the “lower MALWATHUOYA valley” in as these areas were inaccessible for nearly 30 years due to the past civil war.
In the year 2016, a group of students from the Rajarata University and the Central Cultural Fund Jaffna project, identified a base of colonial settlements in this region. Accordingly they started a research program in a new angel to identify this settlement and its connections with the neighbouring areas such as Anuradhapura, Mannar, Putlam and “Maanthai” harbour.
The samples of the artifacts found at the excavation site, are ready to be shipped to the “BETA” institute in USA to conduct the carbon dating process to identify the time period of this Settlement.

( This is a video coverage with Arial footage)
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