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Invasive algae create an environmental nightmare.

Barcelona, Spain Science & Environment August 2 @ 6:10am

People on Spain’s Mediterranean coast are grappling with what researchers are calling a silent invasion of sea algae that is threatening its biodiversity, tourism, and fishing industry.  Scientists say the invasive species arrived in the Mediterranean from Asia in the ballast of cargo ships, creating  an “environmental nightmare.” 

On the tip of the Iberian peninsula, Tarifa is the southernmost city in Europe.  
This thin stretch of the Mediterranean separating Europe from Africa is a transit point for whales and a rich fishing ground for tuna that feed on the nutrients of the Mediterranean.   
It is also a major transit route for world trade, with as many as 300 ships passing through here daily.  It is on ships like these that researchers believe the invasive algae has come to create what people here call an environmental nightmare.
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