Amping Africa

Dakar, Senegal Politics, Entertainment & Celebrity, Music, Cultural, 360 Videography June 7 @ 1:12pm

I met Saintrick, a Congolese singer, political activist, and sound engineer, at a concert one night in Dakar after Senegalese musician Cheikh Lo abruptly stopped batting on his drums and began packing up, ending his show one hour ahead of schedule. "You can't perform and feel good about it if you're competing with your own sound. It's a shame more people don't appreciate sound quality," Saintrick said to me. For the past 30 years, Saintrick has formed over 1,000 sound technicians across Africa, an art he says is lost on the majority of Africans today.
On a continent with such a rich musical tradition, it is alarming to see that sound quality has so little value; a phenomenon that deters a lot of artists from performing in Africa, but pushes youths to make a change in hopes making Africa a performance arena comparative to the U.S. or Europe.
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