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Pigeon teen in Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh Social July 21 @ 8:18am

The horrible traffic jam of Dhaka is known to all. Not only traffic, but everyone knows about the plight of living in this city. A large number of people live in the house like a pigeon's house. They traveled with some car like pigeon teen.
More than a billion people settled in Dhaka, Capital city of Bangladesh. Practically speaking, Dhaka is Bangladesh. Nearly all of the country’s government, business, health care and educational institutions, and a large percentage of its jobs, are concentrated in Dhaka. Each year, 400,000 new residents pour into the capital, a mass migration that has made Dhaka the world’s most densely settled megacity, and one of the fastest growing.
I live in Dhaka. I have made several reports at Bengali language newspapers about these problems in Dhaka.I have interviewed victims, authorities and others. Taken many foreigners experience in Dhaka. I brought some pictures of pigeon teen in Dhaka with my writing.
Still working more heavily about Dhaka. I would like to create a vivid report on Dhaka affairs.
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