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London, United Kingdom Cultural June 4 @ 11:43am

Oxford and Cambridge, along with Sandhurst, the MCC, Eton College, the Garter Ceremony etc., represent a rare zenith of British institutions and elitism. I am fascinated by all the peculiarities of language and unique characteristics of custom that exist at both these pre-eminent Universities. Sub fusc is compulsory dress at certain events both in Oxford and Cambridge. It varies according to what degree you are taking (ie. BA, MA etc.) or if you have a scholarship. Meanwhile May Morning is a special annual event at Oxford on the 1st May. People gather at 6am on Magdalen Bridge to hear choristers sing madrigals at the top of Magdalen Tower. On top of roof of a different Oxford college (Lincoln) on Ascension Day nine senior students hurl down hot pennies (heated in the oven) to waiting children from local schools. Over at Cambridge the Fellows of St John’s College are the only people outside the Royal Family legally allowed to eat unmarked mute swans.
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