Kibera,Nairobi, Kenya War Reporter August 14 @ 8:30am

Today morning a group of women in Kibera took it on the streets at Olympic kibera area to call for peace and the stoppage of violence against women and all forms of extra judicial killings .This has been happening as the result of the unrest that erupted in parts of the slums in Nairobi Kenya whereby people have been protesting on the just concluded presidential elections that were held by the independent electoral and boundaries commission the commission charged with the mandate of conducting election in Kenya.
The women have raised concerns over the killings of women youth and the vulnerable children from the live bullets used by police in a mission they referred to as restraining the protesters from conducting any form of unrest.currently more than one hundred people have been reported dead this includes a young girl aged ten years by the name Moraa Nyarangi .President Kenyatta was announced re-elected and this caused the unrest to the slum dwellers who even felt that the force used on them were much more and this could be the sect called mungiki that are used yesterday night residents of kibera did not slip due to rumors that there were planned attacks on their homesteads and hence they decided to come out in number with different types of objects to protect themselves.
it was evident this morning that the people needed some form of help from the kenyan government as they called for peace and stoppage of using extra judicial killings from the police and the alleged mungiki sect.
The expression through the lighting of the white candle and the black clothes expressed their desperation for peace the chants "stop killing us" sends a very strong message and the only way to go is peace and also ready to move on with daily life if everything could be in order.reporting from kibera Nairobi Kenya
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