German election coverage

Berlin, Germany Politics August 19 @ 1:16pm

I am available for general coverage of the German election campaign ahead of the vote on 24 September. Possible topics include:

-Why is Angela Merkel's CDU so far ahead in the polls, and what could dent her momentum?
-Why did her challenger Martin Schulz, who enjoyed a poll surge after he announced his candidacy in the Spring and was being called the 'German Bernie Sanders', flame out so quickly?
-Who will Merkel form a coalition with after the election - the Social Democrats, the Liberals or the Greens?
-What are the main issues on the minds of German voters?
-How will the election shape the future Franco-German partnership and a possible EU constitutional convention next year?
-How will the election result affect Brexit negotiations?

For a taste of some of my election coverage, you can check out this episode of my Brussels2Berlin podcast:
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