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Mexican turtle egg poachers make precarious living as government cracks down

Puerto Escondido, Mexico Current Affairs August 29 @ 4:41pm

With the season for sea turtles to crawl up Mexican beaches and bury their eggs in the sand at its height, so is the season for Mexico’s Federal forces to crackdown on the age-old practice of poaching them.

Turtle eggs are a delicacy on Oaxaca State’s Pacific coastline, and a police bust in the town of Tonameca recently saw more than 2,500 freshly-laid eggs seized by the authorities.

I'll go to Oaxaca and meet with the egg poachers to ask how they make a living, how they avoid the police and what the future of their underground industry looks like.

To include:

Opening sequence with fisherman hauling a sea turtle out of the open ocean

Anonymous interviews with egg thieves

Turtle eggs

Turtles laying eggs on beach
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