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Balet classes for the blind improve mobility and self-esteem

Ciudad de México, Mexico Current Affairs, Film & Theatre, Health & Fitness, Social, Cultural September 4 @ 8:44pm

Every week a group of blind and partially sighted students aged between 9 and 22 take ballet lessons.

Based on the belief that dance is ingrained in humanity’s biological roots, ‘Psicoballet’ came to Mexico in 1984, and is said to improve not only the mobility, strength, balance and posture of blind people, but also improve their self-esteem and reduce anxiety and depression.

The programs coordinator Nieve, a former professional ballerina, takes the lessons every week at the Casa Rosa de la Torre home for the blind in Mexico City, and says that more than two thousand blind people have come through her classes in over 30 years.

I’ll go to a ballet class, get good tasteful images of the dancers, and interview both students and teachers on the benefits of ballet on both their physical and mental state
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