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Calcutta Rescue is a story about a group of doctors who take medicine and medical treatment to the streets of Calcultta. It ha smany different locations including the Sealdah Clinic is located within the grounds of the Loretto School. Here, destitute persons come to get a medical examination, are prescribed appropriate medicines and given a bag of food that should last them for the day or more. They are not given their food until they attend an education session - during which the staff discuss a variety of medical issues with them - from dealing with questions about certain diseases.

However impoverished these people are, they are very patient, polite and attentive. The staff lends an air of positiveness to the surroundings and it really is a comfortable place to be. Files are kept on each patient and the prescriptions are carefully dispersed intermittently - meaning that patients have to keep coming back to get their next doses and, therefore, it is made sure that they take their medications properly. Tuberculosis is a major culprit in this society - but most cases can be cured within 6 months while the patients who have the more drug-resistant type of TB may need up to 2 years to rid themselves of the disease. (#16a-16i)

2) No. 10 School is located on the edge of the red-light district. Interestingly, some of the children coming to this school belong to some of prostitutes working in this area. During lunch the children’s bright eyes as they were being fed while observing us were delightful.

Publishing this story would e a public service as well as providing an interesting 'document'.

Al Emid
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