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Genetic technologies to modify mosquitoes to reduce malaria transmission in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda Science & Environment, Research August 13 @ 7:34pm

Ugandan scientists(Target Malaria group) fighting against the spread of Malaria in the country have partnered with the Uganda virus institute to develop new cost effective and sustainable genetic technologies to modify mosquitoes and reduce malaria transmission. In their research,they will be experimenting on female mosquitoes to stop them from reproducing under containment. A new Arthropod containment Level 2 Insectary ,the first of its kind in Uganda, has been opened to carry out this experimental research for five years under the sponsorship of the UK government. We want to find how when this research project will be able to deliver its expected results and by what percentage will it reduce Malaria prevalence in Uganda. Uganda has the 6th highest number of annual deaths from malaria in Africa and has the highest malaria transmission deaths in the world with 10,500 deaths annually.
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