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Russia’s Digital Switchover Hurts Local TV News and State-Wide Propaganda

Kirov, Russia Business, Current Affairs, Social June 9 @ 7:39pm

This year, Russia deprecated its analog TV broadcast. The switchover affected people who rely on TV the most: seniors, people living in remote locations, conscript soldiers, and inmates. And while state-controlled channels spread disinformation on a national scale, local stations, doing their best reporting, are being booted off the air.


For this story, I intend to talk to:

- Elderly people who, for financial and technical reasons, cannot watch digital TV despite being within the broadcast range.
- Alexander London, chief producer of NTN24 station in Novosibirsk. Amid hard times for local broadcasting, London resurrected the station closed by Ministry of Culture in 2005 as a 24-hour cable channel.
- Mikhail Mazurov, director of Pervyi Gorodskoi channel in Kirov. With four local stations, Kirov is one of the regional centers with the most local TV channels.

I will also provide the history of digital switchover in Russia, its current state and future expectations. The story will include analytical data and reference publicity stunts related to the switchover, reports of technical problems within penal institutions, and other information.
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