Illegal Mining Deepens Woes In Zambia's Manganese Ore-Rich Mansa Town.

Mansa, Zambia Science & Environment February 15 @ 10:43am

Mansa Town is richly endowed with huge deposits of high-grade manganese ore. However, majority of the people in this predominantly rural town situated in Luapula Province north of Zambia continues to wallow in poverty. This is despite the town's vast untapped virgin wealth of mineral ores and other natural resources.
My story traces this gloomy scenario back to the 1990s when the then MMD Government privatized the highly lucrative Mansa Batteries Factory which used to be the mainstay of the area's social and economic life. In the aftermath of the factory's highly-prophesied post-privatization total collapse, an indiscriminately-conducted massive illegal mining operation has since taken over the manganese ore fields - of course with a heavy toll on the local population, communities, environment, economy etc
Further, my story also captures the views, the analyses as well as the solutions that have been prescribed by scores of local and national experts on the matter.
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